Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Magical Salzburg

It was a life dream of mine to visit the city of Salzburg, Austria, and it was everything I thought it would be. Such a beautiful, enchanting city. Even if it weren't the setting of the greatest movie ever The Sound of Music, it would still be one of my favorite cities I have ever been to. Enchanting is the word that keeps coming to mind. 

I found an awesome apartment to stay in through AirBnb and it was fantastic. It was at the base of the castle--it used to house the monks that took care of the castle grounds in the 1400s. We arrived to the apartment on Sunday as all the church bells in the city were ringing. It was seriously so magical. This was the view from the living room!
Here is Victor walking back to the apartment--it's the light green building. 
And then after were dropped off our stuff and were walking around the square, there was a free organ concert taking place in the church seen from our living room. So beautiful. Salzburg does Sundays right.
Salzburg is also the birthplace and home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, so that was special too. 
 ^^this statue freaked us out everytime we walked by it!^^
 Our last night in Salzburg, we ate dinner at this gorgeous beer garden before we headed up to the huge castle for am incredible evening of chamber music playing Mozart and other greats like Dvorak and Strauss. It was so so wonderful.

Salzburg, I love you! Victor, I love you! I am so grateful for this wonderful trip with you. You are my favorite, and being in Salzburg with you was magical.

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  1. ahhh looks so dreamy! i can't wait to do an european vacation again...someday!