Friday, July 22, 2016


Most of our time in Utah was spent doing this:
Enjoying those warm temperatures by playing in the sprinklers everyday, because Monterey is too cold for that! It's sad. I love it here, but I just have to say that the Fourth of July in Monterey is seriously depressing. No fireworks are allowed, it's cold, and I think they just do a little parade. I think everyone can agree that the best place to celebrate the Fourth is in UTAH! There were pretty much fireworks every night the entire week leading up to the holiday and days after as well. 

Anyway back to the warm backyard fun
^^love this one! Grandpa spoiled J with lots of ice cream^^
^^Utah is bad for me because there are soooo many yummy treats! This cookie place in SLC did not disappoint^^
Ok, so if you ever are in the magical land of Davis County you must go to S&S Shoreline Train Park! I have always wanted to go as I grew up driving by this guy's house and seeing him build this incredible track for mini trains all around his yard. It was so impressive!! And he has some actual train cars he has collected and kids are welcome to play all over them. J obviously loved it, but it was so much fun for us as well. My sisters agree with me. He has built little bridges, waterfalls, tunnels for the little trains. So fun!
And some other favorite shots. J was so great at helping in the garden ha
And he was enchanted by the fireworks--his first. It was so fun!
Hope you had a great Fourth of July! It definitely lived up to it being my favorite holiday. 


  1. The 4th of July is probably my favorite holiday. It's not about gifts and candy, but more about being with family and friends in the nice weather, BBQ, parades, and fireworks!!

  2. fun! so weird that monterey doesn't allow fireworks. anti american!