Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Boys' Updated Nursery

 We have made some big changes to the babies room, in that we have now made it a room for both of the boys! So, we have been having Dominic sleep in a pack n play in the guest room while we were working on getting him to sleep through the night. We also had J sleeping in the crib because he couldn't get out yet so we weren't in a rush to get him out. Well, now that he can climb out of the crib, and Dom is sleeping through the night, we are taking the plunge and having them share a room now.

We weren't planning on getting a toddler bed initially. Before we moved into the cottage we said we would just get a regular twin bed. And we said we would get a new rocker and dresser that weren't thrown together Okinawa finds ha. But our cottage is so itty bitty that a twin bed wouldn't fit in this room, and neither would the type of dresser and rocker I wanted! So I guess I will just hold off. But secretly I love this toddler bed. I love all regular furniture that is sized for little kids haha. And J loves it too. I wish the room were just a little bigger to put their mini table and chairs in here, but it's ok. I just love this room so much now. It finally feels complete with this bed and the boys sharing it.
^^I finally decided to just put away the changing pad. I loved the cover I made but I never ever used it. It's nice to have this space now on top of the dresser^^
^^Since the room is covered in windows, we really needed these dark curtains. Just like my last nursery, I sewed on the pom pom fringe to these Target curtains. I just love the spunk it adds. Such an easy update too. It's hard to photograph though!^^
They love it!

I still love this room as much as I did when I first put it all together here and here. I want the room to feel like a happy colorful place where learning and playing go together. And I still like that it's pretty gender neutral. Hope you like it too!