Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Things I'm Loving Lately

Here's the little things that have been making me happy lately! Most of these are things sparked while I was in Utah--sometimes I feel really out of the loop in trends and stuff in Monterey. It's its own world ha. So you may already know and love this stuff. Anyway here you go!

Alex and Ani: so is this just super trendy in Utah? It was started in Rhode Island, but I had never seen them before now. Everyone loves and has these bracelets there, and I admit, I got addicted too. I said I would only buy a couple, but that was not the case ha. I've never liked the traditional charm bracelet, so I love these stacked bangles. Besides the actual store, I got one at Nordstrom Rack and another one at Dillard's.
The Wright Brothers: I read this while I was traveling with Victor and it was so wonderful! I highly recommend it. David McCullough never disappoints. Those Wright Brothers (and their sister!) were awesome. Hardworking, humble, persevering, diligent, loyal...I could keep going. You should read it!

Bai with bubbles: Coconut is the bomb! I finally found a box from Costco (they always have the uncarbonated kind but I don't really care for it). Yum yum.

Tim McGraw and this song: I kind of unintentionally fell off the Tim McGraw bandwagon a few years ago but my love was rekindled when I got to go to his concert for the Fourth of July. My 13 year old dreams came true! Man, I love him. He was a dream. And I heard this song for the first time. You probably already have but it's so sweet. Love you forever Tim.

BabyLit Books: I had bought a few when J was a baby (in Utah of course--I haven't seen any here in Cali), and sure enough they are published in Kaysville my hometown! I heard about the warehouse sale and my dad was nice enough to go for me and get sooo many for only $5 a piece. I get these for my kids, but I love them just as much so I may get them for myself--especially the girly ones ha. Although J LOVES the Pride and Prejudice one. It's great.
The Jungle Book not pictured because J snatched it ha.
 And always loving on this kid. Such a sweetie!
What have you been loving lately?? Share with me! 

Happy Tuesday!


  1. ohh I had a couple of those baby lit books for my kids, they are awesome! I will be sure to add the Wright Brothers book my reading list! The bracelets are super cute too, I had heard of them a couple years a go (or maybe it was months...time just kind of blends together these days) but never checked them :/

  2. I love baby lit books! Hahaha! I follow them on Instagram and they are the cuutest! They also post sales there, in case you don't follow them already.

  3. I have never seen those bracelets before! I am in love with them! How can I get them from Okinawa?

    Baby books: Amazing! Yes, capital A Amazing. "Don Quixote"

    1. I'm sure you can order them online either from their store or from nordstrom. good luck!