Monday, July 18, 2016

Utah Hiking Bucket List

I have Southern Utah on my mind! It comes that time usually once a year where I am craving it. So we have set a weekend to visit this summer and I am really excited. I was looking through old pictures on my phone from last summer and wanted to share two of my favorite Utah hikes and also two that are on my list for our upcoming trip. 

First is the Kanarra Creek Falls Hike. This hike is so much fun. It's a gem. I would say it's like medium level bordering on easy. My sister hiked it with a baby which is doable but the ladder at the waterfall is actually a little difficult. The slot canyon is just so beautiful. 
 Then of course there is Angel's Landing. This one is strenuous. Not it distance, since the trail is just 5 miles round trip. But you start from the bottom of the valley and ascend all the way to the tip of this rock:
The last half mile is crazy as you hold on to chains to get to the tip of the landing. And the feeling you get when you get there is one of the biggest feelings of accomplishments! Even though it's strenuous, you can do it! 
So here are two new hikes on my bucket list that I plan on doing.

The first is a family friendly easy hike that looks so gorgeous and fun. Called Red Cliffs Nature Trail. A fun little lagoon and waterfall to play in at the end. This website gives helpful info about it. 

And for all the times I've gone to Zion, I still need to do the Narrows! What's cool about the Narrows is if you do it from the bottom up, it's as easy or difficult as you want it to be, depending on how far in you want to go. I think we will do this way, since to go from the top down you have to get a permit and it's definitely for hard core hikers. 
photo source
Ahhhh Southern Utah, I love you so. See you soon. BTW I just discovered on my eventbrite account that you can find hiking opportunities in your area or areas you're planning on visiting (so much in the Monterey area I had no idea about! go here to see what there is--or plan something on your own).  Pretty cool if you're wanting to find new places to explore. Any other Southern Utah hikes that should be on my list?? Or do you want to come join me? Seriously though. The more the merrier!