Tuesday, August 7, 2018

A Summer Trip to D.C.

Before my Utah Summer began, my mom asked if I would be willing to come a week earlier to accompany my little sister Melanie to Washington D.C. Since she offered to watch my kids as well, I couldn't really say no! haha. Luckily I still have a couple friends left in D.C. to hang with, since Melanie was going to visit her boyfriend (now FIANCE!) and didn't want me hanging around with them the whole time ha.

Some familiar sites. It was nice being back a few days.
Then I got to meet my future bro in law:
The next day I spent checking out some galleries I had been wanting to see on the mall--I also met up with Mel and Ben for lunch at Goodstuff yummm. Ben was kind enough to invite me on their private Capital tour, which I declined, since I used to be the one giving those tours!
 At the Hirshorn: I think my boys would have loved this "art" haha
 This one was cool. This is a 10:1 scale of the Osama bin Laden compound. I love the real plants showing how overgrown and abandoned it is. Also I saw so many people just walk through here and not read the art information. If they knew I think they would think it's cool too.

I also spent time in the National Gallery, and then headed to the National Portrait Gallery. I really wanted to see this new piece, which was cool!
 And then enjoyed some other really cool things in that museum. This Japanese artist had such cool pieces! Made from certain objects casting a shadow to make another image. So unique!
Then I met up with Sarah after she got off work and we had a great evening hanging out at the Navy Yard. And the next morning we met up with Chris Lyon for brunch at Farmers Fishers Bakers which was AMAZING
 To pass the time, I hit up the matinee of Hamilton, and it was even better the second time--probably because I had a better seat!
 Pretty sure I have already posted this picture from my DC days years ago. I love the Kennedy Center.
 After Hamilton, I took a bike share from the Kennedy Center around the Mall and over to Pitango Gelato. The afternoon was perfect weather--after that it became unbearably hot.
 We went to church with Ben the next morning (8am! Way too early for a singles ward...or any ward) But after we had Duck Donuts, so it was worth it ;) BEST DONUTS EVER
 We also stopped by the National Conservatory which was pretty...and hot and humid!

Then Ben and Mel went off to the Archives, and I went to the new Museum of the Bible with Chris Lyon and our friend Carolyn. That museum was really interesting, and had the coolest presentation that was the best synopsis of the Old Testament that I've ever seen. Apparently the museum is heavily funded by the Hobby Lobby guy.
 Then had a lovely night with friends again at Seventh Hill Pizza. Can you tell my trip was also food-fueled??
Before we flew out the next day I did some other things, which I really don't remember because that was the hottest day yet, Oh wait I remember! I got some souvenirs for the boys at the air and space museum and then sat in the American History museum for like a half hour until I wasn't sweaty anymore before touring the museum. Don't miss that east coast humidity!!

Anyway, it was a fun little trip! Now if I go back (don't know when) I would like it to include Victor and going to Annapolis! Good memories. 

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  1. Thanks for coming! It was a pretty good trip if I say so myself 😊