Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Utah Summer 2018

 Ahhhhh summer! It's always so great in Utah, although I took Utah Summer for granted until I lived in Monterey where it's cold in the summer! And they don't have fireworks for the 4th of July! So that's when I instituted Utah Summer. And my boys love it.

After I got back from DC, I took the boys up to Cache Valley to stock up on my favorite skincare, and the drive was so beautiful and green!  I stopped at the Box Elder campground to catch the tail end of these gorgeous poppies. I've trained J well, because I was ready to go and he said "I'm not ready to leave! I like running in the flowers!"
 A few days later was one of the reasons for our Utah trip: my cousin Klarisa got married and J was the ring bearer. I was so worried he wouldn't cooperate but some bribery worked wonders. His cousin Laila was the flower girl and they sure were adorable!
The other event we went for was welcoming my baby brother home from his 2 year mission in Colombia! They've all grown a lot
The rest of Utah Summer was filled with all the other great Utah Summer things: playdates with friends, summer Sunday dinners, yummy treats, hikes, baseball games, and the boys favorite: Cherry Hill. 
^^Dom's look at my grandpa kills me!^^
 ^^also visited this special lady^^

 Until next Summer!

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