Tuesday, August 7, 2018

J's Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to our J! He turned four yesterday, so we had a little birthday party for him in our backyard. So grateful to everyone who came!
J really wanted a bouncy house for his birthday, so based on the selection of bouncy houses (at the rental place on base which is sooo cheap compared to off base places) is how I chose the theme of the party ha! He loves Mickey and Disneyland, so we went with that. It was fun! Lots of fun Mickey ideas on pinterest ;)
^^I made a copy cat J Dawgs sauce and it was yummy.^^

 In all of these pictures he's all red faced and sweaty from jumping all night and it was HOT. And i'm pretty sure he didn't eat anything all night because he was too occupied with jumping. And presents of course. 

^^not into it!^^

J we sure love having you in our family. You are always down for anything, you love travel and adventure, you love hanging out with us, and you even pretend to be excited when we wrapped up the box fan (part of his other present)! That's why we love you so much. Happy Birthday!

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