Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Are you obsessed with bridal blogs?

I am! Bridal blogs are legit. They feature some beautiful weddings. I just can't get enough.

My favorites are Style Me Pretty (I think this one beats all), Snippet and Ink, and Ruffled Blog. Ruffled Blog features all DIY and Indie brides, so there are so many cool ideas. I guess that in the Mormon world, there are tons of DIY and indie brides, because so many of the featured weddings are LDS ones. Good ones too--not your typical cultural hall weddings.

What is DIY you may ask? Well, it's a term I had never heard of before all this wedding planning business, which shows you how crafty I am not. It's "do it yourself," people. And oh boy, have I been DIYing up.

Some of my do-it-yourself projects for this wedding of mine include invitations--yes, invitations. And I'll tell you what, I am glad I did. What's the point of searching endlessly for cute invitations that are ridiculously expensive and not exactly what you want anyway? And when you have friends who are talented with Adobe illustrator, it just makes sense. And I love the way they turned out. I think it's tacky to drop dollar amounts, but I'll tell you this amount: I'm getting them printed at Staples for less than $300 for 500 invitations. They're not printed yet so maybe I'll end up eating my words, but I'm pretty confident they will turn out great.

The other major DIY project I have been working on is my centerpieces. It's been my favorite part, because it's been involving the auction excitement of ebay, buying lots of stuff on-line which means getting packages in the mail which I love, and scouring antique stores. Side note here: I have found the most legit antique stores her in Utah county--and I seriously doubted they existed.

And the other one I have been working on are my wedding favors. I finally had found boxes that were the perfect shade of pink and have folded a whole lot of them, only to discover that the color got discontinued. I only have 200. I could buy another color, but I don't really want to. So, think of getting a cute favor from my wedding as a door prize of sorts. First 200 people get 'em! Maybe this will motivate you to come. Or the live music. Or just the mere pleasure of seeing me.

So, if you have any other ideas or tips, feel free to share!

Love, the DIY Annie


  1. your wedding is going to be beautiful Annie! you have amazing taste. I can't wait to see pictures.

  2. I would just do favors for your luncheon anyway, if you are having one, a lot of the people that come to a reception are people that "you have to invite to be polite". So while it's nice to have a favor, you will also have favors in the form of catering, dancing, cake...etc.