Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You Go, Glen Coco!

Oh hey! Happy Tuesday. I should be doing homework, but the results are in for the 5 mile race we ran this weekend and I just have to share. And yes, you heard me right. I ran 5 miles. Not the half marathon as originally planned. Basically I hadn't trained at all for a half, and I was even worried for the 5 miles. But I did it! And so did my dearest friends, including Kimmy who rocked the half marathon. You go, Kimmy!

Still smiling after 13 miles? She's crazy.

And look who got third place for their age group! You go, Camille!
CLASS: F16-19
1 23 JULIANA FLORES 00:08:39. F 00:43:29. 18 F16-19 00:43:19. 5266 LOUISVILLE
2 89 ROBIN FULTS 00:10:01. F 00:50:13. 17 F16-19 00:50:09. 5093 HOLLADAY
3 97 CAMILLE OSTLER 00:10:03. F 00:50:42. 19 F16-19 00:50:15. 5862 ST. GEORGE

So, no, I didn't get in the top three in my age group. Not even top ten. I got #14. But Kelsy got 6th place. Holla. And you want to hear something messed up? My fiance ran with me the whole time which is blatantly very slow for a guy and he got a higher ranking than I did. Huh? Who are these 20 something guys?

This was my first race experience ever: first time running, first time being a spectator. And I have to say, I loved the experience. It's an all around supportive and positive event. I mean, I was just a crummy five mile runner, not one of the hard core half marathoners, and there were still people on the side lines cheering for me and encouraging me. It just made me feel so special!

After we finished, there were all kinds of old people (one guy was 82--legit!) and some...bigger people coming in much later, and there were always people at the finish line cheering them on too. So, if you want to feel good about yourself, or if you want to go help others feel good about themselves, go to any kind of race. Seriously. Happy times.


  1. Love the title of your post...good times! I am seriously impressed with your race running skills. I have actually been trying to get into races myself and am hoping to run a 5k soon. Hope all the wedding planning/school is going well.


    P.S.-love your engagement pics! So classy and so you! Who did you end up using for your photographer?

  2. I didn't see the places we got. Go us! I'm sure glad I had some buddies at the freezing starting line.