Sunday, October 9, 2011

Food is what brings us together, today

Three years ago, my family stumbled upon a gem of a restaurant. We were hungry and wanted something, so we turned off into a random town: Culpeper, Virginia. We checked out one or two restaurants and decided to keep looking. Then we saw a cute little cafe, and we were even more intrigued when we saw a Cordon Bleu Paris diploma hanging from the window. So we went in and ate there. And we've never been the same!

Now Culpeper is about an hour away from us. We ventured out there again last night. The drive features some of Virginia's finest scenery. And Culpeper is a darling little town, with cute little shops. I just love everything about it.

Do any of you share with me the secret dream of being a guest chef on Iron Chef America? Well, I've determined that eating at Thyme is the closest I can get at the moment. It's here where choosing items off the menu is like an adventure. Intriguing specials like "pumpkin coconut soup"----delish, appetizers like jumbo shrimp over garlic hummus with sprinkled feta and pine nuts----again, delish. And main courses like top sirloin over potatoes drizzled with truffle oil and topped with a walnut and arugula salad---DELISH. Of course there's more fancy schmancy ingredients in these items, but I forget. You get the idea. And fyi, the prices are actually pretty reasonable---meaning like anywhere from 20 to 50+ dollars a person. 

My dad had the nut encrusted salmon, Victor the lamb shank, and me the steak
Thyme in Culpeper completely embodies the kind of experience everyone should have when they eat out. You leave completely satisfied. Satisfied with the delicious food, the wonderful atmosphere, and the great company.

I love how food has the ability to bring people together. Going out to eat or having dinner parties is one of my favorite pastimes for this reason. Basically, I love food. And when someone recommends a restaurant to me, I take it very seriously. So, if you have any recommendations, even to places not in my neck of the woods, go ahead! They go on my list, and if I ever go to your neck of the woods, it's nice to already have restaurants to try.

Food, glorious food. I hope we have it in heaven.

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  1. I love that we have awesome places like that from our trips. So many good memories to go with food!