Sunday, October 23, 2011

Royal Wedding Revisited

Last night the philharmonic at the University of Mary Washington had a concert featuring all the music from the Royal Wedding. Of course I was on that like white on rice. And it didn't disappoint! 

I was debating wearing my fascinator hat that I bought from the Capital Hill Flea Market, but I thought that might have been a bit much. But after getting there and seeing that the programs were designed like invitations, the entrances had signs saying "friends of the bride/groom," and they were selling the tea specially commissioned for the Royal Wedding (white tea with pink rosebuds---so elegant), I wish I would have. 

It kind of felt like the queen herself made the guest list, because it was mostly old people. But luckily, Victor was wearing the exact same outfit as the elderly gentleman next to him, so we fit right in.
They even played the video footage of the bride's walk down the aisle as they played the music. It was wonderful. Reminisce with me!

I just loved it. My favorite moment is still at 5:10, when Harry peaks over and whispers to William. I don't understand why William can't look at her, but it made for a really cute brotherly moment. I could go on forever. But I won't.

Anyway, it was a fun night. The music was fantastic, and my date was cute, even if he dressed like a 60 year old (but I bought the my bad!).

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