Sunday, October 2, 2011

Living it up at the Hotel Castro

Lindsay is gone, and now my mom is here! We picked her up right as we were dropping Lindsay off, and tomorrow my dad is flying in. They'll be in a hotel later this week, but in the mean time, they're all staying at our place, and we love it.
Twas a fun week. We saw all the sites that are essential to see for a first time visitor. That always involves A LOT of walking. It was exhausting at times. But fun. And educational.

So, Lindsay works for, a company specializing in genealogy work. It's based in Utah, but they always work with agents in various parts of the world to help them with research. And since I live near Washington D.C., the land of many, many records, I hope to start working for them as an agent to pull records for them at the National Archives and other places, and then send copies of the records for them. It's no full time job, but it's still something that interests me. There's also a chance that I can work with them as they start working on Eastern European records--mostly Romanian--to help translate and such. I'm excited about it!!

We went to the National Archives so I could practice pulling a record. I have a research card and everything. I feel so official! The National Archives are legit. There is so much stuff there. A genealogist's paradise.
I think Lindsay could sense that I would love doing something like this. So I'm way grateful for her for thinking of me. It was such a fun week to catch up with her. And now my parents are coming. And Victor's schedule has eased up a little bit...for now. I'm a happy girl. And a grateful girl.

I love you all. Happy Sunday.


  1. That is a sweet, sweet job! Perfect for you and DC. AWESOME!

  2. we love awesome job!