Friday, October 7, 2011

Things that annoy me (the series)

Once again, this is an ongoing list, but the items of this post are just some of the recent ones.

First things first: People that think that I look like a child. People, I know I'm short, and I sometimes look younger than my age, but I do NOT look like a child! Today, I went on a tour of the White House with the parents, and the ranger deliberately gave my parents the regular brochure, and me the "junior ranger" packet with word searches, coloring, and such. Come on! I'm a 24-year-old married woman, for crying out loud! I know it was early, and I showed up wearing my dad's oversize jacket...
But, I still made an effort to get ready, and I put on makeup, which I think should have people guessing that I am AT LEAST a teenager. (And btw, I refused the junior ranger packet because I actually did want to look at the real brochure--I hope I didn't seem too rude.....but....I don't really care)

Next on the list is: elderly people. Don't get me wrong, I love old people. I'm not anti-elderly or anything, but I am a person of little patience: it is one of my biggest faults. So when I have to stand behind a group of old ladies for a good two minutes just to get a peek into the White House's china room as they are marveling over a portrait of "Lady Bird Johnson," I lose it a little. And then there was an old people party going on at the security line at the Capitol building and, seriously, it was ridiculous. They already took long enough getting all their stuff out of their pockets, and the metal detectors still go off: frustration! I just want to get in there for the gift shop!! (I wonder if it's their replacement hips and knees setting those detectors off, btw)

And finally: bugs and insects. Now that it's getting cooler in these parts, we find crazy huge bugs and spiders in our apartment on a daily basis. It is ridiculous! Such huge spiders. I literally just killed two in the last 30 minutes. A couple of nights ago, there was a cricket in our bedroom. As Victor was chasing it around trying to kill it as it was hopping around, he shouted, "I can't live in this wildlife anymore!!!" Couldn't agree more. We never got the cricket, by the way. It hid under the bed, but luckily it never started chirping during the night, or we would have busted a cap.

So, anyway, I think that's it for today. It feels good to get that off my chest! Happy weekend!

Love, Annie


  1. Aaaahahaha! "wild life." please. Remind Victor that he once lived in Romania...

  2. I totally understand being annoyed for being mistaken for a child! On my mission I got mistaken for a twelve year old, and people were constantly asking us if we were still in school... it was frustrating!

  3. Old people are the bane of my existence! Seriously, sometimes I feel like old people use the self check out at walmart for no other reason than to annoy me.

  4. I hate standing behind old people at a restaurant. They always look at the menu like there is some kind of code they have to figure out. And they act like they're not getting their money's worth if they don't ask at least 3 questions.

  5. I totally would have taken the Jr. packet done all the fun stuff AND read the normal ones from mom and dad. PS Crickets are the devil's bugs.

  6. Wow, that was great! That was the hardest I have laughed all day...hmm maybe even the last 2 days. The tourist and AARP people at the Capitol are. the. worst. Sometimes I have to put it with it multiple times at a day work--so I feel you girl!