Tuesday, January 3, 2012

for the love of puppies

My family has been begging for years to get a new dog. We have a cat and and all, but if you know our cat then you know that he is very selfish and bipolar and doesn't meet our needs like a dog does. As much as I want my own little doggy here in Virginia, I have realized that it just isn't the right time with the apartment living and moving: someday, someday. But in the meantime, I am an honorary dog mama to my sister's dog...and now my family's new dog!!

It was so fun for our fam to open up a puppy on Christmas morning. My sister Melanie shed some tears.
 Nothing makes you happy like a dog does, in my opinion. If I were a doctor treating people with depression, I would prescribe a puppy before resorting to medication: seriously. I mean, how could this not make you happy??
victor looks like he is jealous of the love i am giving the puppy...

It's also hard trying to take photos of you with two adorable, active doggies. 
And just for your information, the puppy's name is technically "Beckham," because Melanie is a soccer fanatic. But I will still secretly call him Jimmer. 


  1. Victor does look a little jealous of the Annie-love. I am bipolar with wanting a puppy. I think I do until I go over to Tally's uncles house or his brothers house (both have two dogs) and I change my mind really fast!

  2. The puppy sure is cute, but I think picking up all of the puppy accidents would be pretty frustrating!

  3. Jimmer is ugly. Sorry though.