Wednesday, January 18, 2012

i miss my husband

so, even though i secretly kind of like having the bed to myself,

and although it's nice to watch chelsea lately with the volume up as loud as i want (you'd be surprised how much louder that show is than other shows on tv, and it disrupts the hubby's sleep---well, maybe it's not much a surprise: it is chelsea after all.)

and i'm not gonna lie, it's nice having a break from cooking a legit meal every night. i'm perfectly content with a sandwich for dinner, but 'tis not so for the husband.

but those things are pretty trivial, and i would still opt for my hungry and sleepy husband any day.
i really miss him. i can't even talk to him, which makes it kind of harder.

and i feel bad that i'm hogging the bed while he sleeps on the ground outside. in january.

i really love that guy.


  1. Even though it's secretly delightful having the house to myself . . . I ALWAYS miss my husband when he is gone. I feel your pain.

  2. See, this is when it would be nice to privatize the blog so the hubby can't see. haha!

    I would miss my hubby too; I get bored when I'm alone. You know that. Call me if you want to chat!