Sunday, January 15, 2012

some other fun stuff that i forgot to talk about

When we told people here that we were in Utah for Christmas, most asked if we did anything fun like skiing or snowboarding. And the answer is no. No, because we're poor, and no, because the snow in Utah wasn't very good anyway. But I was ok with that. We went to Utah to chill with friends and family, and it was awesome to just spend time with our favorite people.

One night, we went to do karaoke with some friends, and we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was so much fun. This was my set list:
solo: Fernando by Abba, one of my favorites for karaoke because it's silly. 
trio with Tawnya and Kimmy: Leader of the Pack.
duet with my husband: Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better, from Annie Get Your Gun. This was probably my favorite one of the night. I love being competitive with the husband.
duet with Tawnya: Total Eclipse of the Heart: a karaoke must. 

And the highlight of the night was my husband's surprise solo for me of "Some Enchanted Evening." Remember this scene from "My Best Friend's Wedding"? It was kind of like that. It was adorable and I was smitten with it.
it looks like they're singing to each other. ha.

We also got to see Jarrick and Michelle at The Pie Pizzeria. I loved seeing them. 
 My cute sister and her cute friends came with us too.

 And not pictured is when we made din din with Kelsy and her husband and played games. That was super fun. But I got a picture with her later.

I need to be better about pictures, because I also saw my besties from high school and also Victor's bestie and his wife, but alas, no photos. Don't be crushed. 

What a great vacation it was. I miss it. 

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