Sunday, March 18, 2012

The night I made tofu for dinner

This post could also be called "How I'm trying to lose weight," or "How I'm trying to save money," or  "Why I'm not a food blogger," or maybe even "How I'm trying to make my husband miserable." I'm not really trying to make him miserable, but it kind of seemed like that from the look on his face when I told him we were having tofu for dinner.

First of all, tofu is really healthy. High in protein and low in fat. I ate it a lot in China, so I grew accustomed to it.

Second of all, tofu is cheap! I bought mine at the Commissary for one dolla!! It's a little bit more at regular grocery stores, but not too much I think. Way cheaper than meat. 
Tofu looks really gross when you're cooking it. But it gets better as you add stuff to it. I found this recipe from Pioneer Woman, and she's pretty reliable with her recipes, so I went with her recipe of making vegetarian lettuce wraps as a first time tofu maker.

Exhibit A of why I'm not a full time food blogger. These may be mediocre pictures taken in my mediocre kitchen, but you get the idea. 

Exhibit B of why I'm not a food blogger: the final product. The first pic is Pioneer Woman's. The second one is mine. But you know what? I thought mine was quite tasty. A definite success in my opinion. 
But what was my husband's opinion? Well, he wasn't quite as enthusiastic. 
He still ate most of it though, after dousing more soy sauce on it. He's a good sport. He's a meat guy through and through, but he was willing to try. But after tonight, I plan on making more of it in different varieties, so hopefully he starts to like it!

Anyway, I highly recommend making your own tofu dishes. And if you have any tofu recipes already, do share!


  1. I think tofu is pretty much the most disgusting think on earth (in afara de spam) but when a friend of mine makes this coconut milk curry tofu, it's okay. Not his exact recipe, but close. Pretty tasty...except for the tofu. :)

  2. I just don't know if I can go there. We ate at this little restaurant by our house called Long Life Veggie House. Nast. Not going back. For yummy, low-fat, recipes, go to Everything I've tried on that website is delish.

  3. I'm with victor, tofu is not an acceptable meat substitute! I got a sausage making attachment for my meat grinder and found some hog casings at Wegmans. We could have a good ol fashion sausage homo.

  4. I wish we had a recipe for Mr Wong's tofu. I could eat that every day!

  5. Maybe you ate this in China. It is Ma Po Dau Fu (Cantonese style) and is our favorite tofu dish. It does incorporate meat, so hubby should like it too! I posted the recipe on my blog.

  6. Annie, you should try this recipe. It was quite delicious, and has not only tofu, but quinoa, too!

    PS...I, too, love pioneer woman and her ability to always make her food look amazing...