Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Last Day in Paris

Palace of Versailles: pretty obnoxious. And I'm not just talking about the extreme hoards of Asian tourists. This place was way too big. 

We spent a lovely evening in Montmarte. We ate at a traditional fondue restaurant where they serve you your drink in glass baby bottles. Also, did you know that traditional fondue is only bread and cheese? Yeah, we didn't. Let's just say that I was ok with it, but someone else was not very happy that that was all he got for dinner.
Just like Amelie
 And we finally had a non-rainy, pleasant temperature evening in Paris. So we revisited some sights to enjoy the city lights.
photo by Victor.
And then we got on a bus the next morning to go across the Channel into jolly old England. And that whole Chunnel business?? Totally not what I was expecting. My naive self thought it would just be a longer version of the Holland or Lincoln tunnel or something. It was trippy! We were in a bus, so it looked a little something like this.

Anyway, next stop: London.

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  1. No meat! Haha. Next time, you should take me with you. :)