Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I Have the Cutest Niece in All the Land

Our relationship may only be a facetime relationship for the time being, but someday I will hold and snuggle this little sweetie. She goes through a lot of moods in the short time that we chat. So basically, she's just like her mom (and me).

First, she seems relatively happy to be talking to me...but she's only one month old, so we'll give her more time to develop her happy face.
Then she acts disinterested
Then just plain annoyed

Being grumpy wears her out
And then she's out. 

I needed someone else to talk to, so I called my favorite dog on the face of the earth to come talk to me. 

My face says it all. I love that dog.
And my niece, of course. But neither of them can talk to me, so Jenn keeps me company.

Now aren't you glad I finally learned how to print screen on a Mac??


  1. Yes I am! That is too cute.

  2. I just barely learned how to print screen too! And now my camera is being BUT CUTE NIECE!!!

  3. Love this! I have a post very similar to this that I need to post! Your face is my favorite!

  4. I actually got to meet your cute little niece yesterday! She had just woken up though, and after holding her for a few minutes (and feeling some rumbles in the diaper) I handed her back to Jenn, and she kind of glared at me like, "yeah, I like my mom, and please don't pick me up again."

  5. what would we do without technology!
    our lives would be very sad.

  6. You are CLEARLY more excited to see that dog than the baby human.