Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Romania Has It All: Extra Perks

To conclude my "Romania has it all" campaign, here are a few other things that make Romania the great place that it is. 

Great food. And great advertising techniques. 
This is my favorite restaurant in Romania, "The Beer Cart." I also love how they reel you in by making the not-so-bold statement that they are "probably the best restaurant in town."

The McDonalds in Romania also have the "Big 'n Tasty" burger, which according to Victor, is the best McDonalds hamburger that is not available in the U.S.A. It is a pretty good burger, so you'll have to go to Romania to try it out...

Beautiful men who are very comfortable in their own skin. Yes, please. 

Gnome superstores all over the sides of the highways. Victor couldn't resist their charm, and now our gnome, Domnul Popa, resides on our doorstep.

 THE best variety of fruit juices. Here I am with some amazing Kiwi juice, one of my Romanian favorites. Our other favorites are sicilian orange, pink grapefruit, fruit juice with eucalyptus, black cherry, and the list goes on and on.

And  also, there's the best and the cheapest snack food: the pufulet. These are basically like puffy cheetos without the cheese, and they are my favorite. And they cost a quarter for a bag. Can't beat that.

Also, if you go to Romania, your hotel room might have a butt and thigh toner, if you're lucky like we were. That's definitely an extra perk to motivate you to go to Romania.

So, that concludes the "Romania Has It All" Campaign, and I have to ask, do you want to go to Romania now??? I sure do!!


  1. I would go to Romania. Would you come with?

  2. Pufuleți - gross. But I love that Victor bought a gnome!

  3. I want to go!

  4. You are right. You should pitch this to their tourism. I want to go now.

  5. I'm sold! I love the honesty from the restaurant! Take me there . . .

  6. Jar talks about the Kiwi juice anytime kiwi's are brought up...it sounds amazing! I want to gooo!!!