Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Romania Has It All. Part 3: Premium People

We had such a wonderful time being able to spend the week seeing so many friends. The bad part was that it made the week go by way too fast, and we still didn't have time to see everyone that we wanted to. But it was still so great. I also got to meet a bunch of Victor's friends when we were in Sibiu, and the whole time we were treated like family. Romanians are so generous and welcoming. We were way spoiled. Mostly Victor, who ate sarmale and/or mici (Romania's national dishes) EVERY single day that we were there. 

In Cluj-Napoca we spent time with Daniel and Simona. Oh, I love Simona so much!
We also stayed at the home of my old landlord, Sorin, and his family. They are seriously one of the coolest families in Romania!
left: Sorin, his mother in law, his wife, Ioana, and us
This is Laurentiu and his wife in Cluj. Laurentiu is the bookbinder who bound all of our scriptures and such. He made all the books you see on the shelves. Serious talent. 
Me with Raluca in Cluj. I love her too. 
Then we spent time in Sibiu seeing and meeting people that are dear to Victor.
Me, Victor, Consi, and Cristina
With the Carpenean family. Loved them. 
In Bucharest, we were able to see a lot of people because they were having a baptism that Saturday. So many people here that I love! After that, we headed down to the Black Sea to go to church and see our good friends there. It was a short stay, but it was worth it.

Left: Us with Ioana and Elena Schifernet, the coolest girls in Bucharest, and right: us with Gabi in Constanta
I'm so sad I won't be at BYU this fall with Ioana! Also, who knows what's going on with bangs right now.
On Saturday night in Constanta, we hung out with our friend, Vali. Such a cool guy. 

Amazing people in Constanta. Left: Maria Vitel, Alin Constantinescu, Tibi, and Gabi. 
And let's not forget our Romanian grandma, Sora Gorzo. She takes good care of us. 
The moral of the story is that we need to go back to spend more time with people there. One week wasn't enough!

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