Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Jolly Holiday in London

So we LOVED London. We had a great time and we loved being able to see old friends. We're pretty sure if we had the chance to live in London, we would totally grab that opportunity. Anyway, our first night in London, we drove around and saw various sites with our friend Ionut. It was a beautiful evening, but it was, you guessed it, cold!
We started the next day off getting off at the wrong tube stop, which actually turned out being a great thing, because we ended up at the Borough Market for an early lunch. I loved that place, and I really want to go back! It was full of amazing food vendors and I wanted to try everything. 
at least you know the rabbit is fresh. right: me enjoying my juice and curry

And then after a stroll across the London Bridge and a walk down the road, we were at the Tower of London. That place was really cool. So much history there. But be warned, the torture chambers aren't nearly as cool as Mary Kate and Ashley make them seem. That was kind of disappointing. The crown jewels were way cool though. Not a MK and A fan? You're missing out on one of the greatest movies ever made.
Then we headed over to Westminster and explored around there. We got lucky, because this whole time, it wasn't raining. That's why we spent our whole day outside. 
No royal family citings, unfortunately.

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