Wednesday, May 16, 2012

London Treasures

We spent an entire morning at Westminster Abbey. That place was amazing. Definitely a favorite. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed inside, which was totally not fair, because the interior is amazing. But I got some photos in the cloisters.
 I didn't know what I was most excited about: seeing the place where Kate and Will got married, or seeing all the graves of the incredible people that are buried there. At first it was totally Will and Kate. And then I changed my mind. Charles Dickens and and George Frideric Handel are buried there, for crying out loud. There's a cool spirit there. And for you math lovers, Isaac Newton is buried there too, so my husband got very excited too.

After that, we got to meet up with one of my best mission buddies, Tom Shillabeer! Tom lives south of London and came up to spend the day with us. This included visits to the British Library and British Museum, which I'm sure he was thrilled about, and also a walk to what was supposed to be Kensington Gardens, but someone who shall not be named was following the wrong huge green patch on the ipad map, and we ended up all the way in Chelsea by the soccer stadium. I was a little upset (understatement), but the guys were excited to try and get glimpses into the stadium.
we spent all day together and only got one photo :(. we were just too busy catching up.
 The exhibit at the British Library was a definite highlight for me. They have some incredible stuff in there: the Magna Carta, the original Tyndale Bible (amazing!), the original score of Handel's Messiah (again, AMAZING!), Mozart's original scores, Shakespeare's folios, the original copy of Jane Eyre, original lyric sheets from the Beatles, and much more. I was in nerd heaven. 
how could I NOT take this photo??? 
 We ended the day at Harrods Food Hall for half off food, and that was fun, except going to Harrods really isn't that fun when you're poor. That place is swanky, and full of rich Arabs stocking up on their Louis Vuitton. After Harrods we headed over to the Victoria and Albert Museum, which was a big mess of random exhibits--the ones that I was excited to see were closed, naturally. So we headed home to our cute (and slightly janky) hotel in Notting Hill.

Good day.


  1. I absolutely love that there is a platform 9 3/4! A must-take photo for sure. Oh, and I also love the phone booth shot.

  2. Love the 9 3/4 photo. You're gorgeous in every picture. Love them all.