Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Veruca Salt Syndrome

I've been growing tired of my current living room decor. For a while now, I've been wanting to wipe out the photo wall, because I think it looks too busy. (And while we're looking at it, let's disregard the fact that some of the pictures look crooked. My bad)
So I've been wanting to do something with either four big canvas prints of pictures we have taken. Here's an example that I put together on Picasa...imagine it on my wall...not necessarily the pictures I would use, but you get the idea
But then I saw this tonight at Ikea and I want it!!
It's a canvas print, and I want it so badly. Because of the price tag on the left, it looks like it costs $599, which isn't true, but it still costs more than we can drop right now, due to unforeseen costs on Victor's car. So sadly, I did not leave the store with it, which was very disappointing because I waaaant it NOOOWW!

While we're on the subject of being disappointed at Ikea, I just have to say that it is pretty annoying that Ikea has been stocking the flower pillow you see sitting on my couch for YEARS, and yet they didn't bring back these adorable Christmas trees that I was wanting to buy ever since they sold out last year. Why, Ikea, why? Veruca would be all, "Daddy! Tell Ikea to bring back the trees!" But in my case, it would more likely be, "Husband! Tell Ikea to bring back the trees!"

I had to scour Pinterest to even find proof that these trees even existed since Ikea doesn't stock them anymore. 
 I know. I'm ridiculous.

But besides all that, what do you like better? The big map, or the photo canvases. Tell me nooooww!


  1. I'd go with the photo canvases, desi nici the big map doesn't look bad at all.
    Dar mi se pare ca using photos ar arata mai "vesel".

  2. I actually like the canvases of places you've lived/visited better. More color. And PS, I love the title of this post.

  3. The map is cool, but I think big prints of places you've been would be cool. You have the memories of those places.

  4. I LOVE your two missionary tags in a shadow box. SO cute Annie!

  5. Annie you make me laugh! I love reading your blog. I also love that map (and the trees for that matter!) I'm torn between map and canvases. Both would be cool. But I'm leaning more towards the map. It's pretty cool.