Friday, April 7, 2017

The Carmel Mission

On my Monterey bucket list has been the Carmel Mission for a really long time. I drive by it all the time and think I really need to go--time's a tickin! Well, I am glad that I waited, because my mom and dad visited this week, and my mom said she really wanted to visit the mission. It made it so much more enjoyable to go with someone who really wants to go too. No offense to Victor, who willingly comes with me when I ask him, but I don't think he would have loved it as much as me and my mom ;)

One of my favorite things about living in this area is the Spanish architecture (as you can see from my last post on where I have wanted to take family photos for a long time). The Mission is full of it, since it was built by the Spanish priests who were here in the 1700s. Not sure if this is true, but everyone here says that the Carmel Mission was Junipero Sera's favorite. Junipero was the head priest (don't know the Catholic terms ha!) and is a big part of that Spanish history here in California.  

^^the inside was lovely too. It's also where Junipero is buried^^

Lovely gardens, lovely place. Glad I finally made it!

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