Friday, August 26, 2011

Tour of the apartment: fourth (and final) part

So, you've seen the everything up to this point, although in a really weird order, I realize now. Sorry! If you want to see it the way you would really see it in a tour, start here, then go here, then read this post now, then read here. Got it? Good.

We now embark down the hallway from the living room to the guest [insert your name here!] bedroom and bathroom. The guest bedroom is also my newly created sewing room, music practicing room, and also my husband's occasional dumping ground (see this post) and also his dressing room (to avoid waking me up when he gets up at the butt crack of dawn: such a considerate husband....I love him).

Anywhay, here you go. So the second door on the left is where there is a washer and dryer. I'll let you use your imagination rather than show a picture.


Don't mind the empty picture frame above--you get the idea though.

And also don't mind the husband's pull- up bar thingy in the pic to the left.
This is a sofa bed. I love it because it reminds me of Romania!
 This is my new desk and chair from Craigslist. I want to change up the desk though. Any suggestions?

I'm thinking new knobs, for sure...but I don't know what to do with the color. I thought about changing the chair too, but I just love the way the wood looks. 

So there you go! It's all ready for you to come and visit. BTW: someone, aka my sister, said that I sound "desperate" for visitors. To that I say that I am doing just fine, and that there are a lot of cool things to see around here. Is it such a crime that I want to share it with all of you? I don't think so. 

Except don't come visit this weekend. Apparently, the hurricane of doom is going to be sweeping through these parts. Stay tuned, and have a good weekend!

Love, Annie


  1. looking good! I love that chair- I wouldn't change a thing! The desk... definitely new knobs... maybe some color? Paint could be really fun.

  2. For the record, it wasn't this sister who said that because THIS sister REALLY wants to visit bad! Maybe the hurricane will make prices really cheap? Here's hoping.
    LOVE your apartment!

  3. omg that bedcouch is SOOOOO Romanian. Now, all you need to do is cover the beautiful whiteness with a hideous brown and orange blanket.

  4. I always have said "I'll know that I am accomplished in life when I have a room for crafting." Congratulations!
    It wasn't this sister who said that either. Love you and your apartment!

  5. Knobs, knobs! I love it. Love the bed, love the chair, love it!

  6. Your shower curtain and desk chair are pretty much amazing.