Friday, May 11, 2012

Paris is Always a Good Idea

Name that movie.

We had a lovely old time in Paris, the city of lovers. It really is a romantic city, but if you have any notion that rain makes the city more romantic, then you are completely wrong. Paris was cold and windy, which we weren't expecting. I mean, it was warm in D.C., so why wouldn't it have been warm in Paris? Silly us. But we survived and had a great time, but I could also title these posts about Paris and London as "The Week I Wore the Same Two Outfits Everyday."

Anyway, how about some photos?
Day one in Paris:
We stayed in a little apartment near Montmarte. How adorable was the building and courtyard??
Luxembourg Gardens. 

"It takes you past all the bridges of Paris... twenty-three of them. And you find one you love and go there every day." Have you figured out the movie yet??

Here's another hint: my one souvenir from Paris was an Eiffel Tower paper weight. 


  1. Sabrina.
    Keep the trip posts coming! I love seeing them!

  2. Sabrina. Easy. And I love your posts plus Sabrina

  3. I knew this one too! Sabrina. I love that show.