Friday, March 25, 2011

You would bomb too if you were being double- teamed all night

Poor Jimmer. The guy is getting so much ridicule for "letting down our team" last night. I don't think he deserves it. He was bombarded by Florida defenders all night--it was pretty impressive that he still got over 30 points. I mean look at him:

He even got his chin split open. And he still couldn't catch a break. I read in a news article today that said that Jimmer failed when his team most needed him. To this I say that his team obviously proved that they could hold their own. You forget, it was close the entire game, even going into overtime. His team was managing to score points all night and keep it a close game, even if it seems like Jimmer wasn't.

And don't even get me started about sports critics bringing up Brandon Davies when the team isn't playing so good. Not a word is mentioned of him when BYU is killing Gonzaga, and yet when we have such a close score with a team and an eventual loss, everyone is all "if only Brandon Davies were playing, it all would have been different. BYU's honor code is ridiculous. Blah blah blah" GIVE ME A BREAK. It wouldn't be that much different, people. Now if Jimmer had been benched like Davies, then that would have been a completely different situation.

I am disappointed, naturally. But this game doesn't change my feelings when I proudly proclaim that I attended BYU during the "Year of the Jimmer." He still is amazing. But unfortunately, Florida defense made the right moves in guarding him like a hawk all night long.

Jimmer, I love you. (But not as much as I love my fiance, obviously...)


  1. I totally agree with you, I think the team failed as a whole. What happened in overtime? It's like we gave up. However I will say, I felt like Jimmer started getting too aggressive with his shots and he was getting overly frustrated, but who could ask a man for more than 30 points in a 73 point game. Strong work Jimmer, I'm still a fan and will forever be, until you become a washed up NBA player complaining about your salary.

    And as for Davies . . . I have pretended as if he never existed. We were good with him, and we proved we were good without him. The only people he screwed over was that girl and himself.

  2. I agree with you 100%. And thus ends the year of the Jimmer.

  3. So sad! I just felt bad for him at the end of the game. Here he is, needing stitches on his chin, limping around with a calf cramp, and just trying to sink the shots he normally does with ease. But hey, BYU got to the sweet 16 and played a tough game. That's more than they've done in 30 years. I'm still true blue through and through.

  4. BYU is an amazing team. Jimmer is still the bomb. And, unfortunately, Florida played a better game than we did.