Friday, May 18, 2012

The Top 5 Things I Heard While I was in Romania

I love Romanians because they speak their minds. A culture after my own heart. So naturally, we heard some pretty good stuff while we were there last week, and I made a point to write them down. Some were things I just witnessed, and others were things that some of our dear Romanian friends and church members said to us. Here are the top five (translated into English, for your convenience, unless you prefer it in Romanian, then I will write that down too)

5. We were touring Peles Castle, and in our group was a three year old who started getting antsy and really loud. Another lady in our tour group blurted out to the parents
"We came here to hear about the castle, not hear your kid! Why did you even bring him to something like this?!?"
 Oh, I love the boldness. Sometimes I wish Americans were more like that. But we're just so obsessed about not offending people.

4. A friend of Victor's: "You got fat"
   Another friend of Victor's, literally like a day later: "You lost weight"

3. An elderly branch member who knows both Victor and I:
   "It's good that you two got married, because you're more calm, and he's more spicy."

2. Another elderly branch member:
   "So, does he love you?? Because if you say no, I'll beat him."

And for the best one I heard, and this was a hard decision here, people!

1. A friend of Victor's (and the same one who told him he got fat)
  "So, you married a black guy: how do you feel about that?"

So there you go! And in case you didn't infer it from this post, we had a wonderful, fantastic time in Romania. Here's a picture to prove it:
And look! We finally are wearing different clothes! And sandals!

Obviously, more posts to come.
Love, Annie


  1. Yay for different clothes! Everyone in Hong Kong (where my hubby served) was so happy that I fattened him up, and they kept telling me and him.

  2. They said you were the calm one and he was more spicy? Are they sure?
    Haha. I love all those stories.I would fit in there also. :)
    I also like how in all your pictures in cold and you are wearing the same dark colored clothes (you said it yourself) and then there is the Romania picture that is blue skies and a yellow shirt.

  3. I think you picked the best number one... really funny! I would have made a joke or so in order to answer... well we didn't see each other very well in the dark... or smthn like that... it was good seeing you both.

  4. I laughed out loud at these! when Kevin and I have visited his mission together people always let him know he has chubbed up a little I agree sometimes life would be easier if we just spoke our minds. Really cute picture of you too.

  5. Apparently, Kev is still signed in to his email. It's Paige leaving comments though--obviously.

  6. annie...this kills me! i loved it so so much!!